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Ceremonial Blends - Original. The Perfect Cacao Addition

Ceremonial Blends - Original. The Perfect Cacao Addition

Helping you create the perfect cup of delicious Cacao with minimal effort. 


The perfect Keith's Cacao companion.


One of the most common questions people often ask about drinking cacao is the best way to flavour it. Plain cacao can be bitter, and finding the perfect recipe can be tricky.


With this blend you can enjoy the original and traditional Keith's Cacao recipe without having to source the best quality ingredients seperately. The ratios of the ingredients are just right, avoiding over-sweetening or too much bitterness.


On an energetic level, these ancient ingredients will ease you into a feeling of comfort, enhancing your cacao experience, aiding meditation and facilitating creativity. 


After preparing your cacao as normal, simply stir in 1 - 2 tsp of Ceremonial Blends - Original Blend. Set your intention, sip mindfully and receive this beautiful heart opening medicine.


1 jar will flavour approximately 30 cups of cacao

  • Benefits

    • Highest Quality ingredients.
    • Perfect partner to Ceremonial Cacao.
    • Enhances your connection to the ultimate wellbeing drink.
    • Synergistic with Cacao Plant Medicine.
    • Full Spectrum Ancient Benefits.
    • Follows thousands of years of Shamanic Practices.
    • Supports Consciousness & Spirituality.
    • Use in Workplace Productivity.
    • Promote Creativity and Artistic Talent.
    • Happiness and Daily Wellbeing.
    • Delicious, Luxurious and Authentic Taste.
    • Reusable cannister.
  • Ingredients

    • Ground Vanilla.
    • True Ceylon Cinammon - Ground.
    • Columbian Panela (Pure Cane Sugar).
    • Cayenne Pepper - Ground.

    No additions, No chemicals.

    100% Vegan, Gluten Free.

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