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About Sisters Gather

My Story


Hi, I'm Gemma. I created Sisters Gather two years after my first experience with ceremonial cacao. I've spent the last 15 years in the corporate world - managing teams and working in Human Resources. I'd never heard of cacao until 2019.

What started as 'just a drink' to aid me with my meditation practice, cacao soon became a beautiful heart opener and gateway to a whole world I never knew existed. It also made me feel amazing! I was focused, thinking more creatively, and was able to work through emotional blockages that had plagued me for years. After trying many different cacao brands, my connection with Keith's Cacao was undeniable, and soon after that I attended my first cacao ceremony.

This whole other world of cacao was one where women sat in ceremony together, shared how they were feeling, and connected in a way I had never seen or felt before. From this, I knew that I wanted to create these spaces for women too, focusing on something we don't do enough anymore - celebrate ourselves.

It is my dream that one day cacao will be just as normal to the masses as a cup of coffee, and that everyone will get to experience its magic.

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What is Ceremonial Cacao?

You may have already heard of 'cacao'. It is available in most supermarkets and health food stores, but there is much debate about whether or not this is real 'cacao' vs. just cocoa. Cocoa, as most of the Western world knows it, is cacao that has been highly processed with all of the fat and nutritional value removed.

Ceremonial Cacao is chocolate in its purest, most raw, nutritious and natural form. The term 'ceremonial' was coined by Keith Wilson, the founder of Keith's Cacao. He was the first person to bring cacao to the Western world and his cacao is the world's original and finest.

As the popularity of ceremonial cacao has increased over the last decade, many other cacao brands have come to market. As the term 'ceremonial' is not regulated, it is advised that you only purchase and work with a reputable supplier of ceremonial cacao.

For centuries, chocolate was always consumed as a drink. It is only in the last 150 years that we began to add sugar, milk and other flavourings to it to make it into the chocolate bar that we know and eat today.

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